Things you must do to rank in google

How do I rank in google?

When I started blogging, Google ranking was one of the terms I heard that I never really understood. But when I got deeper into blogging, I came to the full understanding of this term and its relevance to the success of every blog site. In fact without Google ranking, any blog site has over 90% chance of not earning money and eventually shutting down; this is to tell you how important this really is.

What is Google ranking?

Google ranking is a term used in describing the position of a website in Google search results. In other words, if a blog website talks about fashion or fitness, the position that it appears when someone does a search in this niche is what can be described as Google ranking.

There are many more to it, but this is basically the simplest definition of this term. If your website does not appear on the first page (or first 10) of Google search results when the subject that your site talks about is queried, this means your site does not rank on Google. If this is the case, that’s very bad for your website. Why? This is because most people who search for certain information does not go beyond Google first page or on few occasions the second page.

Why must my site rank on Google?

Having understood what Google ranking entails, the next question should be why your site must rank on Google. This question is very important because I for one wouldn’t bother if Google ranking wouldn’t impact on my website or if I could find a better way to make my blog site succeed.

Why your site must rank on Google search results is because there is no better way for your site to gain traffic more than Google. I understand that many digital marketers will tell you that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the host of others could drag traffic to your website but I beg to differ. My number one reason being that just like you, I have tried to explore this mediums and it didn’t work for me. In fact after so much hard work to sell my site on these platforms I discovered through Google Analytics that just only 3% of my visitors come through social media networks. That’s annoying right? Of course it is. While this platforms may work for people who sale tangible products, the chances that it will work for a blog site that sells/pass information or that teaches people how to succeed or get better in key topics is slim. Pinterest in my opinion does much better than the rest of others.

Now, while we have x-rayed the shortcomings of these other platforms to the amount of traffic your site will drag let us see why Google is better.

Recent statistics shows that Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

This is huge right? Yes of course it is. Just as you are reading this article, thousands of searches across the world are performed on this subject. Yes that’s right…imagine if my CONTENT is detailed and informative as well as arranged enough to catch Google’s attention to put it on the frontline of searches that are performed on this subject across the globe, that means at least this topic alone could drag thousands of traffic on my website monthly. That’s a good a thing people! You know what happens when your content fills the needs or answers the questions of people. That means it is good business. When Google notices this, they will keep keeping you on the first page; you may even come to the number 1, 2, or 3. Why? Because just like other businesses across the world, Google always likes to serve its customers with the best content, and once your piece proves its relevance, you’ll gain AUTHORITY in the niche your content is based on.

Another important thing you need to understand is that anyone running a search on Google is actually serious (statistics has shown that that cannot be said about social networks. Visitors through Google are more engaging unlike visitors through social networks) and willing to spend the time to glean the information or guidelines that he requires. What this means is that if your piece is served on the first page, the likelihood that people will click on it increases. And once people get into your site and stay long on it, it tells Google that your content is rich and that people like it. And how long people stay on your website increases your website AUTHORITY as well as gives it more CREDIBILITY. Credibility on Google translates to high Google ranking.

Let me summarize this subheading by saying that good content and presentation gives your website vantage to rank on Google search first page which increases the level of traffic to your site. And then the more people click through your article and stay longer on your site, the more AUTHORITY and CREDIBILITY your site gets and may even overtake its competitors.

How to rank on Google

By now I know you’ve already learnt enough and possibly had an insight on how to rank on Google, but nonetheless, I will like to help you with further breakdown. If you must rank on Google, then you must understand and follow every step I am going to be showing you below.

Before we continue, I would like to explain to you what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actually means because everything that has to do with Google ranking revolves around it.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have been on the journey of understanding how to make money online, I know you must have come across this term SEO and may have also found multitude of definitions. Well, that’s a good thing! But here, I am going to define Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the way you present your website (which includes Content, Content Arrangement, and Presentation) to impress Google to like it and give it a shot on the frontline. The rest will be determined by the consumers.

I understand that the outlook of your site should be sleek and all that, but in most cases what matters is how rich your Content is, how it is arranged and presented. More also the speed of your site is also important but that does not matter most times especially for a simple blog site that is not heavy. So whenever you hear the term SEO you now know what it is. It is not actually that hard like it sounds, and it is actually the centerpiece of Digital marketing. Did you hear what I said, SEO is the centerpiece of Digital marketing in today’s world, now I know you’ve heard me…lol. Okay let’s move on! Let’s explore SEO…

  1. Keyword research

Before you even start building your website, the first thing you must do is to conceptualize and determine the niche that you know you can provide good content on; Content that will provide help or address people’s needs. This is very important, otherwise the journey may get difficult for you along the way and you may get stuck.

So having done this, built your website and hosted it, the next thing you must do is to research on the subject that people are mostly asking about (or Querying in Google). This is called Keyword research.

You cannot talk about SEO without talking about keyword research! The best way to do a successful keyword research is to put yourself in the shoes of the people you want to reach. This you can do by searching for specific topics you think most people would normally search on Google when trying to find what your content would address. When you do this, Google will provide you with every information regarding the topic as well as show you some other related questions that people are asking that are similar to what you have queried. This is the best keyword research I have ever known. I know a lot of companies are selling tools that provide you with keywords (they call it keyword explorer), though that works, for me I do not think it is necessary. Why I say this is because company B cannot tell you what goes on in company A more than company A itself.

So if Google is where the search is conducted, Google should also be the best tool to get you the best keywords….by the way keywords are the words or phrases people use mostly to do search on Google. Every niche topics has their own keywords. For instance, in the fitness niche, keywords to use when searching for how to lose weight should be things like; how to lose weight,  lose weight fast, quick weight loss, etc. They keyword here is weight loss.

Having established this, it is recommended for new websites to use long-tail keywords (keywords that have 5 to 7 words or even more) if they must stand a chance in congested topics like this.

I can go ahead and give you tips of how to do that, but I won’t be as better as Google. So if you want to write on this subject, type in on Google search and it’ll provide you with more questions that people ask in this topic. You can start by writing on the suggested questions or topics provided by Google. This will give you the edge to rise through the ladder as it could be actually hard for you to go head to head with AUTHORITY websites who have already dominated the basic short keywords like; How to lose weight, lose weight, weight loss, etc.

Once again, having done your keyword research, I strongly repeat that you use the suggested questions or topics provided by Google as your keyword.

  1. Rich Content

Having got your keyword now is the time to write a good content that would beat or at least match your competitors who are already in this niche. If your content is not better, then never expect it to rank better. It doesn’t matter any tricks anyone teaches you to outsmart Google; the truth is that, the trick may not actually work, but if it does, not for a long time and it will hurt your site so bad.

Don’t try to be in a hurry when writing content, my advice is always that you do an extensive research on the topic that you want to write on. Possibly check the websites that are ranking in this niche, study their content and find a way to write a better content or something that will come close to theirs.

One of the best ways to produce a good content is to do a wide research, structure the content by listing the points that you’d like to hit home and then prepare a smart introduction. In your introduction, try to carry the readers along and give them the perception that yourself sought for answers just like them before you researched and found useful tips, etc. Anything that will make them feel carried along.

Structure the content to carry the major points you are hitting as subheadings, that way just by glancing at your article, the reader will be encouraged to read more…This is the best way to arrange your article and once the arrangement is right, the presentation will be easy. Arrangement and presentation are mostly interwoven…don’t hide the points people, make is visible to capture the reader at first sight, market it. I think I may have to write about how to write a good content if I get more feedback from people demanding for it.

This is basically all that you require to rank high on Google. You may also consider using an SEO plugin as well. There are many of them, Yoast is okay and you may want to try it. It will actually guide you to offering a super presentation that will catch people’s attention on Google search results.

I am sure that by now, you can’t wait to employ all you’ve learnt to start making your site rank…well, have a smooth ride

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