Talent is not enough

According to the dictionary, “TALENT” means a marked natural ability or skill. Putting this into perspective to reality, we have a lot of talented individuals in this country, be is music, wonderful actors, comedians, footballers, writers, orators, as well as individuals blessed with natural physical ability/power in the form of the late “power mike” and “kiliwee Nwachukwu”

One thing is to have talent, but one thing is sure “gold is worth nothing to a fool”. Once you are talented, you will definitely know, even if you don’t, people around you would. So having talent is one thing, but making good use of your talent is another thing. On e you have talent, the first and basic thing to do is to hone your talent. How can one hone/develope his/her talent? Well! You need tutelage, you need someone to guide you through, this means you need to find someone with similar and better understanding of your talent to guide you through. In this era where you can find content on the internet, then I guess you can as well help yourself by getting materials on the internet that could help you develope. Let’s assume you are a talented/ aspiring musician, you need to identify and understudy an already made musician who has qualities and characteristics similar to yours, learn his/her struggles, strides, mistakes and conquers, this will help you avoid making many mistakes along your own way.

Another important thing is discipline, yes you have to be disciplined in every single step and anything you do. Because a single mistake could mark the end of your dreams not minding the talent you have, you don’t have to relax and live a carefree live thinking because you have talent, you can always deliver whenever you are called upon. Don’t forget that if you are not in the right frame of mind and healthy spirit you cannot deliver. Most talents have ended due to the fact that the talent got buried in the graves of drugs and party lifestyle, so keep your mind healthy and ready at all times.

We can’t conclude this piece without making mention of hardwork and dedication. The best of the best out there are the ones who treat their talent as they treat their lives.take a look at the rapper “Eminem” even in his 40’s he is still the same rapper he was in his 20’s..tales have it that the man studies the dictionary for 3 hours every night just to make sure his ryhmes are perfect, little wonder he is in a class his own. So as a talented act you need not relax thinking your talent would you get you there. No! You need and have to put in work, hard work at that, be dedicated to your act, give it your time, give it attention like you would give to something you love. We have seen some musicians that got a record deal and did nothing reasonable afterwards, probably their feet retired as soon as they found the cushion

Finally, you need a manager, yes with all that talent you still need someone to be your guidian angel, to watch and direct your steps, clean you up, do the planning for you, and also “clean your shit” up when need be. The reason is simple, as an upcoming you are still a green horn, so you need an old soldier in the game, or at least someone in the know to manage your affairs, that way you would have time to focus on using and working with your talent. So you see!! A manager is not only meant for the already established acts.. can we all now agree that talent is never enough?

By Naustine

Mr. Modest is a serial entrepreneur with deep understanding in the business landscape. His experience spans through Commodity Trade, Real Estate, Hospitality, Project Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Business development, Digital marketing, and Ecommerce. Mr. Modest is the founder and Chairman of zimbooz.com a subsidiary of Icorp Global Partners limited. His love for identifying and creating businesses of great value and impact stands him out as an entrepreneur per excellence. He possesses the rolodex of entrepreneurship with the know-how, capacity and drive for results.

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