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The term “blog” refers to an online journal. Though Blogs started sites where a person can simply display his personal opinions, style and writings of whatever they find useful or that interests them, in recent times, blogs have grown more than that. Blogs in recent times have metamorphosed to something much more bigger and have gained much recognition and attention.

In this piece we are going to be discussing how you can turn that your hobby into a good stream of income by blogging about it. Simply put how to start blog and make money! If you have got passion and knowledge for cooking, fashion, sports, business, you can turn that passion of yours into a goldmine and that is what I’m going to be showing you in this piece.

Before I go ahead to tell you what you need to start a successful blog, it is important to note that you do not need to web designer, tech wiz or anything of such to begin your dream blogging.

What you need to start a blog.

  1. Website

The first step you must take if you want to start blog and make money is to get yourself a website. A website is simply a web domain and web hosting which is very cheap. A domain costs just $15 or less while you can start with a cheap hosting plan which is about $4 or less monthly.

  1. Web design

The next thing to do is to design your website and this is not hard. With the new tools like WordPress, you can build a sleek website for your blog in few hours or few days. If you can’t  do this by yourself, just pay a web designer to do it for you. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Should you need our help, kindly reach out to us. One thing you should pay attention to when designing your website is to choose a theme that is user friendly, and make your website easy to use. Don’t design you site in a way that’ll be stressful for users to understand and use.

  1. Content

Content simply means what you’re blogging about. And it is the nucleus of every blog. It’s important to understand that no matter how sleek a website looks, it cannot be sustained if users cannot be served with good content.  Let me use this narrative, web design is like a fine restaurant building and signage, but content is like the food that the restaurant serves. Understandably, fine building can attract a customer but it’s the good food that keeps him coming back for more. If you want to keep your visitors, pay attention do your content and make sure it is rich and can enable your visitors to accomplish what lead them to the content in the first place.

These three things are what you need to start a blog but the biggest change is how to market your blog. The truth remains that no matter how sweet your food tastes, if people do not know about it, you’ll not make sales. So what does it take for a product to sell? The answer is good marketing. This leads us to Digital marketing; how to make your website visible for people who are seeking guidance or information in the area of your niche.

These are the few platforms you can use to make your blog site visible and attract people to your website.

Google: Google has become a major go-to-place when people are in need of information or knowledge of things. This has made google a key traffic generator. To use this for your good, you’ll have to learn how to make your articles rank on google search. To do this, you must understand what “keywords” are, how to generate and plan your own key words so that your write-up can rank well on google search

Facebook: Facebook has over 1 billion users and this makes it a superb place to market your website and you can do this by creating a business page and sharing posts from your blog site on your facebook page. This will increase your chances of getting the attention of many who may need your content.

Instagram: The process is similar to facebook.

Pinterest: Pinterest is another platform with many users and it’ll bode well for your website if you can open a pinterest account which is free and simple and promote it there.

There are many more platforms that you can use, and I’m sure you will add to the list as you progress.

After this, the next thing to do is how to convert this traffic to a money making machine! And our article on how to monetize your blog site will show you how.

Mr. Modest is a serial entrepreneur with deep understanding in the business landscape. His experience spans through Commodity Trade, Real Estate, Hospitality, Project Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Business development, Digital marketing, and Ecommerce. Mr. Modest is the founder and Chairman of a subsidiary of Icorp Global Partners limited. His love for identifying and creating businesses of great value and impact stands him out as an entrepreneur per excellence. He possesses the rolodex of entrepreneurship with the know-how, capacity and drive for results.

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