How to get rid of face fat

Loosing Face fat

At a point in my life, loosing face fat was my goal and I gleaned every information to make this a reality. Like you know, looking at the mirror should be normal, but however it could turn out to be one source of worry if not your worst nightmare, when you stare in the mirror in the morning and aren’t satisfied with what you see. Whether it is the sight of an eczema, dark spot, pimple, loss of hair, or noticing the gradual development of fat face. The sight of any of these has a way of bringing instant sadness,worry, and pain. It can also play a vital role in what the rest of your day would look like as it leaves a certain impression that could constantly resound in your heart for the rest of day. If you’re at this point in your life where you’re seriously considering loosing face fat, then you’re about to be handed what you need to do to achieve this goal. 


Face fat is the build up of fats around the sides of the face. This causes the face to gradually become rounder, fuller and puffier than normal. This bloating of the face will fluctuate from day to day depending on what is driving it. Excess fat on the face is typically caused by weight gained as a result of poor diet, aging, lack of exercise or genetic factors. It is imperative to state here that a fat and chubby face does not absolutely mean that you are fat and need to eliminate weight. If your fat face is as a result of genetic factor or bone structure, then it’s extremely hard to lose the fat naturally; you might just need to live with this.



Facial exercises can make your face muscles appear slimmer. Performing facial exercises can not only improve your muscle thickness, but can also rejuvenate your face, improve facial appearance, and fight against aging. An anecdotal report found that performing facial exercises can tone your facial muscle thereby making your face look slimmer.
The common facial exercises include puckering your lips on alternating sides, puffing your  cheek and moving the air from one side to another, and holding a smile while clenching your teeth for several seconds. Studies have shown that performing facial exercises twice a week for eight weeks increased muscle thickness and also improved facial rejuvenation.
NOTE: There is not much research proving the effectiveness of facial exercises in reducing face fat.


Cardio also known as aerobic exercises are types of exercise that increases heart rate. These types of exercises can increase the rate of fat burning which will in turn help slim down your face.
More often than not, the extra fat on your face is as a result of excess body fat, therefore losing body weight can help slim down both your body and face. Cardio are widely regarded as one of the most effective ways of loosing weight; various studies have found that cardio are very effective in fat burning and fat loss. Adding 20-40 minutes of cardio per day in your exercise routine would go a long way in reducing your face fat. The common cardio exercises include running, swimming, biking and walking.


Excessive alcohol intake may contribute to weight gain and face fat. Alcohol is high in calories and low in nutrients, this increases your chances of weight gain. Keeping your alcohol intake moderate is a good way of checking your face bloating and weight gain. According to experts, the acceptable standard as moderate drinking is two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.
Therefore when next you are having your occasional drink, be sure not to go over the edge, because it could be one of the reasons you are developing that face fat.


Bringing down your sodium intake could help reduce fluid retention and decrease the puffing and bloating on your face. The end result of excess sodium intake is usually bloating, and it may contribute to the swelling and puffiness on your face because it causes the body to retain extra water.
 Many studies have proven that higher intake of sodium increases fluid retention especially in people with more sensitivity to the effect of salt. An estimated 77% of sodium intake from an average diet comes from processed food, so cutting down the intake of processed food like snacks, processed meat, and other convenient foods is an effective way of cutting down sodium intake. If you want your face slimmer, you’d have to consider cutting down your sodium intake.


Refined carbohydrates have the ability to increase blood sugar levels which will in turn lead to overeating and increased fat. Although no study have looked directly at the effect of carbs on facial fats, switching over to whole grains has proven to be an effective diet method in achieving weight loss and fat burning.

Loosing face fat

Refined carbs such as cookies, crackers and pastas play major part in weight gain and fat storage, because these foods are heavily processed, they are stripped of their natural nutrients and fiber, leaving them with just calories and sugar. As a result, they are digested quickly, leading to spikes, crashes in blood sugar level, and higher risk of overeating.


Drinking water can decrease calorie intake and also temporarily increase metabolism. This may also reduce fluid retention preventing swelling and bloating on your face.
Drinking a substantial amount of water daily is essential to your general health, one study found that water leaves you feeling full, and this is vital in weight loss as it quenches your urge to eat more food. Another study also found that drinking  enough quantity of water increases metabolism by 24% thereby increasing the amount of calories you burn over the course of the day which aids in your quest to loose weight and face fat.


Depriving yourself of sleep can affect metabolism and increase food intake, weight gain, and the level of cortisol. Therefore getting enough sleep may moderate increased desire for food intake and at the same time contribute to loosing face fat.
Sleep deprivation causes an increase in cortisol level which is a stress hormone that comes with a lot of side effects including weight gain. According to studies, high cortisol level can increase appetite, and alter metabolism which results in increased fat storage.
Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep daily; this will aid your quest to control your weight and subsequently reduce face fat.

Conclusively, if you follow through with the above mentioned tips, your goal of loosing face fat will be greatly maximized with desired results. The time to start is now, not tomorrow…you can do it!

Austine Ihechukwu is a Chemistry Education graduate, a prolific writer, Social and Political Commentator. Austine is a seeker of knowledge and a fitness Enthusiast with interest in Sports, Entertainment, Tourism, Technology, History and Business investments. Mr Austine has over a decade experience in Journalism and freelance writing

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