Does my boyfriend love me?

How to know your boyfriend loves you

If there is any thing every woman wants to know in their relationship,it is how to know if their   boyfriend loves them. If this is your position at the moment, you don’t have to worry because more than 70% of every young woman across the world is asking themselves the same question at the moment. We understand that in today’s world, word and promises does not mean much to people and so using what your man says to you could actually be a very bad barometer for measuring his true feelings for you. Though for what it is worth we want to make clear that we are not aiding distrust in relationships but in this piece if you’ve been encumbered with doubts or have this question in your head, in this piece you’ll understand how to use the actions and behaviours of your boyfriend to fathom your place in his heart. This article is the guidance and the good news you’ve been looking for and by the time you’re through with it, you may have been armed with the resources to decipher at any moment if a guy loves you or not. Like they say, action speaks louder than words!

There are too many ways to know if your boyfriend loves you but we are only going to be discussing the 9 major ones considering that the rest of other signs are a composite of this nine.

  1. He will introduce you to people that matters in his life.

This first point is essential in the journey of this discovery. Any guy who loves you and possibly wants to spend the rest of his life with you will introduce you to people that matters in his life. These people most times might not necessary be his friends though a few may be included; it could be his family members, parents, religious leaders, boss or mentors. Before I go any further, let me help you understand how to know those who are important in any man’s life though this indication is also true for everyone. How to know who matters in a man’s life is how often he talks about the person behind his back or finds way to bring the person into your discussions in a good light. Does he place so much value on their opinions or speak of them out of respect? If he does, then these people matter so much in his life. And if a guy would take you to this people and introduce you as their girlfriend or fiancé, then this could be a good sign that he loves you and wants to have a future with you. This is a good sign because it goes a long way to show that he is proud of you otherwise he wouldn’t showcase you to people whose opinion he values.

Oh sorry, before I forget, let me tell you why I said it may not necessarily be their friends. The reason is that they may be in the same ‘deceit’ game, so some of his friends may not be a good yardstick for your judgment. But there could be some of his friends who fall into this category of those he values, especially his older friends who share decent values.

  1. He will invest in you.

Do not ever forget this sign as it is very important. The truth is that any man who loves you will always invest in you. This may not necessarily be financial investment but his time and attention. He always wants to make you better in your career and pursuits. He samples and provides you with ideas that may help in your personal or career growth because he sees a future in you. He may even go to the extent of watching your favourite TV shows with you sometimes even though he may not like it, just to make sure you’re happy. Yes, this is the extent men are willing to take when they love a woman. He could choose to do something more beneficial or productive for himself but rather chooses to invest his time, ideas and attention to you. He’s only doing this because he loves you! Please do understand that he has his own life to live as well so don’t always expect that he does this all the time but more often! If you really want to know if your boyfriend loves you, check if he invests in you.

  1. He will always protect you.

It is naturally built in men to protect a woman they love. This sign is very natural and automated and that is why it is a very important sign to look out for. Any man who condones or in any way aids your being insulted may not love you that much. Also if you’re with a man and a dangerous situation shows up and he chooses to run for his dear life instead of finding a way to save you and him, then that’s a very bad sign. For example if you’re walking in a dark alley and you guys are attacked and he runs for his life without considering what will happen to you, then this is not good. If he loves you that much he will stand behind and make sure you’re safe and not be selfish. This sign stretches to how he behaves when you are sick and how he cares for you. When you’ re sick does he still expect you to cook and serve him or does he make effort to be available for you, cook and take care of you instead? These are things that you actually need to pay attention to. Also when you are walking on the road, which side does he walk on? The side that is next to the road or outside the road? When a man loves a woman he tends to be the superman and will not allow his girl walk on the side next to the road. This signs may be subtle but very important signs that he loves you.

How to know your boyfriend loves you

  1.  He will respect and value your opinion.

Even when a man is domineering; he will always find a way to respect your opinion though he may totally disagree with you. In most cases he will gradually make you see why he holds a different opinion on the subject or allow time to validate or de-validate it rather than shoving your perspectives aside to make you look stupid or dumb. Neither would he force his opinion or will on you. This is a very  good sign to know if your boyfriend loves you or not.

  1. He will carry you along in his dealings

If your boyfriend does not discuss with you his ideas or next move, then something might be wrong. Men are geared to parley their business ideas or dealings with people that they love or matter to them, and you should actually be in this list if he truly loves you. If your man is always sharing his business moves and aspirations with you, then that means he gets along with you so well and values your attention and opinion in his dealings. In most cases you may not even know anything about what he’s talking about but he still goes ahead to share it with you after all.

  1. He will not lie to you

If there is anything you have to be weary of, it is a man who lies and if your boyfriend falls in this category then this might be a bad sign. Any man with integrity will never lie but will always owe up to his actions and mistake rather than lie about it. Why a boyfriend who constantly lies to you is very unacceptable is because there’s never an end to lying. One lie will beget another lie that will beget another lie and that goes on and on and on. Bad sign! Your boyfriend MUST not lie to you no matter what.

  1. He will check up on you regularly

When a man loves you, he will savor your company and will find ways to check up on you on regular basis amidst his busy schedule. Some guys do not call much, but if he doesn’t, he must at least text or chat you up regularly. In a world where communication cost has been greatly reduced and made so easy, there’s no reason why a guy should stay for a day, days or a week without checking up on you unless he’s not actually serious in your relationship with him

  1. He will not Manipulate you

If your boyfriend is always trying to manipulate you then this is a bad sign that he doesn’t love you. When I say manipulative, I do not mean your man trying to tell you sometimes what he will like you to change or improve upon that will benefit you both but when he is trying to change your core or constantly overstretching you to soothe his selfish desires. For instance, if you are over gaining weight and your man speaks to you out of love to begin exercise or to take measures that will help you lose weight for the benefit of both of you, don’t see this as body shaming and start telling him to accept you as you are or think in any way that he’s trying to manipulate you. Being manipulative particularly is when everything he asks you to do or recommends for you mostly benefits him or satisfies his ego. In this case he sometimes uses your weakness to blackmail you emotionally making you feel incomplete so he can treat you without respect and manipulate you to do his bidding. This is very unacceptable and a good sign that he does not love you.

  1. He must tell you that he loves you

This is mostly overlooked but an important sign as well to know if your boyfriend loves you. Does he tell you that he loves you? If he doesn’t do that often, well he should tell you from time to time. Though a few guys don’t like telling their girl that they love them all the time, it is still important that your boyfriend tells you he loves you sometimes not only when he’s in bed with you. He should often hug you passionately or drop you a text that he loves you. Most men who are in love with their women often do that to reassure them of how much they mean to them. This could be extended to how he behaves after sex. Does he caress you or hold you, or does he jump off the bed or sleeps off? You should pay attention to these signs.

If you have gone through this piece, then you now know if your boyfriend loves you, andyou are also in a better position to judge if you are wasting your time with him or not. At this time, you must have known where you stand in that relationship and whether to open your heart more or take a walk!

Mr. Modest is a serial entrepreneur with deep understanding in the business landscape. His experience spans through Commodity Trade, Real Estate, Hospitality, Project Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Business development, Digital marketing, and Ecommerce. Mr. Modest is the founder and Chairman of a subsidiary of Icorp Global Partners limited. His love for identifying and creating businesses of great value and impact stands him out as an entrepreneur per excellence. He possesses the rolodex of entrepreneurship with the know-how, capacity and drive for results.

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