How to earn money from blogging

How do bloggers get paid?

One of the questions that most most people ask is how do bloggers get paid; how do they actually earn money from blogging? In this piece, we are going to be answering this questions providing you good examples.Blogging can actually be profitable if you have understood what it requires to start a successful blog. If you have already done that, then you’re in the right place.

I know many people think this is untrue, but it is not. In fact $100 per month is a joke compared to what could make monthly if you learn the things I’m going to be showing you in this write up.

Remember, I’m not saying the profiting is overnight, but that the path I’m going to show you is guaranteed if you follow it through and through.

Before I begin my teaching proper, I want you to see few people who have tested this path and has made fortunes for themselves, you too can!

Few bloggers who have made a fortune through blogging

It is quite fair to show or demonstrate that something is profitable before it can be recommended for another people. A friend of mine once told me, if nobody has succeeded in that path,then better not introduce me to that path. Though that is not my philosophy, though I do not need someone to demonstrate that a path is profitable before I walk in it, the truth remains that over 80% of the worlds’ population think like my friend. Most people like proven concept, and I’m going to be showing you a few people who have succeeded big time just from blogging. Let’s see three bloggers who’ve got heavily paid blogging

Arianna Huffington.

Arianna started Huffington post (  on the 9th of May 2005. After running it for six years with a groundbreaking success, she sold it to AOL On February 7, 2011, for US$315 million. AOL made Arianna Huffington editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group. Though now owned by Verizon Media, after purchasing AOL on May 12, 2015 for US$4.4 billion. Huffington post makes a whopping $41.6m monthly.

Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.

Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., known professionally as Perez Hilton, is an American blogger who started blogging in September 2004. He started with a free site using Blogger. Though his success started over the course of one year, today, is a very successful blog site. His niche is mostly celebrity gossip. In 2019, it is recorded that Perez Hilton makes $3.44m monthly

John Lee Dumas

John started in October 2012. His blog, generated a revenue of $69,879 with a net profit of $26,143 in its first year. grossed over 12.5 million dollars in 2017. John smashed massive revenue of $595,936 in Feb 2016.

John’s niche is entrepreneurship, online business and podcasting. He made inroad with making podcasts to motivate and inspire new entrepreneurs. He also sells his own eBooks and also runs online courses.

I could go on and on to mention many more people who have proven that this part is successful but let’s hold this three for now.

If you are here, I suppose you have already started a blog or learnt how to start a successful blog. If you haven’t please do. Look up my article on that. Now let’s cut the chase.

The three major ways to monetize your blog site are;

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is key to get paid through blogging. Google Adsense in a nutshell is a program run by Google where they serve adverts on your website such that when people clicks on it. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. In Q1 2014, Google earned US$3.4 billion ($13.6 billion annualized), or 22% of total revenue, through Google AdSense. Over 11.1 million websites use AdSense

To start earning from Google Adsense, you must have a Google email account. If you do, then it’s easier. You can just go ahead and open Google Adsense with your Google email address. If you can’t find a way around it, just type in Google Adsense account on Google search engine and follow the link that gives you the guideline on how to open it. It’s very simple.

After opening, then go to site and add your blog site, the one that you want to link to Google Adsense. After doing that, it will take some days or weeks for Google to approve your account and start serving Ads on it. Please,make sure that you website has content before applying for Google Adsense. At least 15 posts is okay for a start as they will not serve Ads on an empty site.

To know that your site has been added for Adsense Campaign and undergoing approval process, near the near you’ve added, you’ll see getting ready. That means your application is being processed.

It’s important to note that Google Adsence does not pay out revenue until it gets to $100. It’s also advisable to open a PayPal account or any other required account methods that suits you to collect your revenue. If you still find it difficult, contact us and we’ll see how we can help.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. Say you find a product you like, you can promote it on your blog site and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

For you to make this work, you must find and sign up with companies that offer affiliate marketing programs and they are very many.

Companies like Amazon, ClickBank, Shopify, eBay, TMDHosting, ShareAsale, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate and many more offer such program and you can start with them.

All you need to do is visit their websites, look up for their affiliate program and register. Once you are registered and approved, you’ll be given a unique affiliate code, which you’ll insert in the area of your website that you’d want the Ads to show. Once the Ads starts showing and people click on it and make purchase, you’ll earn a commission. The process is very simple and my advice is that you go for products that are not bulky and hard to sale. Go with simple products that most people buy on daily basis. This is a major way most bloggers get paid.

Direct Promotion or Marketing.

This is another way bloggers get paid. Many people use a different term for this but I prefer to call it direct promotion and marketing. This simply means companies paying you directly to promote their brand or products on your website. This stream of income mostly works for bog sites with massive users and followers. To benefit from this, your site must be a strong voice with huge audience. And of course that can be achieved. With good content, consistency and the right keywords you can attract a massive audience which will put your website at vantage point to land direct promotion and marketing deals.

If you’ve learnt something especially on how to get paid through blogging or have a question, kindly drop us a comment.

Mr. Modest is a serial entrepreneur with deep understanding in the business landscape. His experience spans through Commodity Trade, Real Estate, Hospitality, Project Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Business development, Digital marketing, and Ecommerce. Mr. Modest is the founder and Chairman of a subsidiary of Icorp Global Partners limited. His love for identifying and creating businesses of great value and impact stands him out as an entrepreneur per excellence. He possesses the rolodex of entrepreneurship with the know-how, capacity and drive for results.

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