Gerardo Bedoya &5 footballers with the worst red card record

Football is an interesting sport that has maintained a steady growth over the years. Like other sports, football has its bad guys which is widely measured by the number of red cards a footballer gets in his lifetime career. In this piece, I would like to list five footballers; Gerardo Bedoya and many more who recorded multitude of red cards in their football career.

Let’s get to it…

#5 Paolo Montero (21) Red cards 

Paolo Montero was A very rugged player during his playing days. He is the player with the most red cards ever in the History of Serie A.The Uruguayan, when he was with Juventus was a very close friend to Zinedine Zidane before the Frenchman moved to Real Madrid in 2001.

#4 Alexis Ruano Delgado (22 Red cards)

The Defender that Punched Mario Mandzukic; Alexis Delgado is pretty rough and has racked up 22 Red cards so far. He can still get more as the 34 year old footballer is still playing With Racing santander in Spain’s Segunda División.


#3 Sergio Ramos (26 red cards and still counting)

Of course this list won’t be complete without this man. No, he doesn’t need any introduction, especially to Barcelona fans, in some quarters he is nicknamed “Sergio red card Ramos’

#2 Cyril rool (27 Red cards)

If you think Ramos is the worst, then wait for this. At least some players on this list had more than 5 goals to offer, not Cyril. He is retired now and he was known for starting bloody brawls during games. He played all his football in France for a host of clubs in the Ligue 1. In over 300 career appearances, Rool had 4 goals, 27 red cards and uncountable yellow cards. Watch him on YouTube if u want to learn how to Do Judo.

#1 Gerardo Bedoya (46 career Red cards)

 Gerardo Bedoya can be described as the king of red cards. He just didn’t tackle too hard; he punched, slapped players, started brawls and broke bones on the pitch of play. He didn’t play in Europe but played most of his career in South America. He was a Colombian Defender/DMF. When Bedoya finally retired and started coaching, he was sent off in his first game as a manager. Guess it’s true what they say.. “old habits die hard”

Feel free to let us know if you think there’s anyone who is missing in this list.

Austine Ihechukwu is a Chemistry Education graduate, a prolific writer, Social and Political Commentator. Austine is a seeker of knowledge and a fitness Enthusiast with interest in Sports, Entertainment, Tourism, Technology, History and Business investments. Mr Austine has over a decade experience in Journalism and freelance writing

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