Understanding and Exploring Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the kind of marketing where internet, online and digital platforms are engaged to promote products and services. The growth of internet and the constant solutions that is provided by internet and digital driven technologies has continually boosted the relevance of digital marketing. Considering that the essence of marketing in itself has to do with reaching out to a wider audience, one can only accept the fact that digital marketing is here to stay, and  can only grow even more.

In today’s world, when people are looking for answers, they engage internet driven platforms like social media networks, search engines, etc. where information is domiciled and readily available, and where they also get to compare and make their pick from volumes of information. Having established this fact, it only goes a long way to validate the relevance of digital marketing and why businesses need to learn and explore it maximally. Going further, we will be discussing a few types of digital marketing and how they can be used for effective marketing of businesses and services.



Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of websites and webpages by building it with rich content, and presenting it in the best way to be loved by search engines to consider it relevant to put it on the front page of their Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) in response to user queries. The essence of Search Engine optimization is to increase website traffic and convert sales.

Every business that has a website should take advantage of SEO as its relevance cannot be over emphasized, and the statistics speaks for itself. The volume of daily searches performed on Google alone on daily basis is shocking; 40,000 search queries per second, 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. This is massive! I mean for a business in faraway Asia getting found by a consumer in Africa, for a business in the Americas serving individuals in Australia. No boundaries whatsoever. This is what a local TV advert cannot achieve, and just with SEO anybody can achieve it without breaking a bank. Search engine optimization has made it possible for businesses to reach out to continents that they’d never reach in the past without a physical presence, and this opportunity should be taking advantage of by anyone in the world with product or services to sale.

Imagine that the young man in Africa can now set up a website in his room and market products across the globe without having to spend a dime on marketing or even spending on a physical office. That a chef in the US can just set up a website in her room and market her own delicacies just from her kitchen without any cost acquisition cost or any promotion fee whatsoever. Yes, this is true. Once you are selling something that people need, and you are very visible on Google search, you’re definitely going to make sales. There is no excuse and no limitation to your reach. Though it will take some time, the results are guaranteed if you learn SEO and explore it in the best way.


This is almost the same thing as search engine optimization but the difference is that this one is not free. Search engine marketing is simply paying for the visibility and promotion of your website on search engine result pages (SERP). This is the category where pay per click falls into. Different companies have different prices which could be spread monthly, yearly, etc.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the means of using social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and the host of others to promote, and market businesses. Over 2 billion internet users currently using social media networks, and still growing, makes social media marketing and important arm of digital marketing.

Facebook which is the social media network leader with over 1 billion active monthly users is a community oriented social media platform that provides massive opportunities for businesses in terms of business promotion and marketing to a larger audience. Facebook provides paid advertisements, but free ads can also grow huge momentum if done properly. It all depends on the relevance of the adverts and the number of shares it gets. Preferably, it is mostly recommended for businesses to create their own page and foster their own community, serving rich content that addresses volumes of needs that’ll attract organic share, and increase community followership.

YouTube which seconds Facebook in social media network usage is a huge tool for marketing, especially visual marketing. Though most users have their focus on AdSense income, the marketing and sales opportunity that it holds is extremely high. Taking time to learn how to use YouTube to maximize marketing and business visibility is very important. With approximately 1.3 billion users of YouTube and almost 5 billion videos watched daily on this platform makes it a great platform for every business to take advantage of. But unfortunately USA business tops the table with just 9% of small businesses using it. Businesses need to understand that the fact that 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV is enough reason to explore YouTube for marketing.

LinkedIn is a very important social media platform for businesses as it drives 80% of social media B2B leads. With over 575 million registered users and more than 260 million active users, LinkedIn provides a lot of opportunities for businesses especially for those aspiring to build business networks and connections.

Pinterest has set a new record by becoming the fastest independently launched website to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors. With the significant growth this platform is witnessing, there’s no gainsaying that it has become an important space for digital marketing. Many individuals and businesses have testimonials of huge leads generated by Pinterest validating it as a key tool for marketing.

We can go and on to enumerate other social media networks and how important a tool they are for digital marketing but we will leave it at these ones for now.


This is the kind of marketing that explores the publishing and distribution of content to reach target audience and generate leads. This is where blogs comes in. For instance, when a real estate business writes blogs on topics that addresses people’s questions it is likely that they’ll be the ones to call when customers requires such services. There writing, publishing and blogging rich content online that deals with individual needs a key digital marketing tool. Most times this contents attracts the attention of target customers, generate leads and eventually convert sales. As you know there is no better person to solve a problem or offer the required help than the person that understands the situation properly, and if a business demonstrates that through their content, this will definitely be a huge promotion that could expand customer base.


Affiliate marketing is simply the process of getting paid for promoting and marketing the products of other businesses. This is a kind of online agent commission, and most big online B2B and retail shops offer such opportunities. Companies like Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Clickbank, Rakuten, ShareASale, Awin, FlexOffers, and a host of others offer such opportunities. In fact a lot of people earn six figures yearly through affiliate marketing. In this kind of marketing, everyone wins.


Email marketing is the process of harnessing and sending commercial emails to potential customers for the purpose of generating leads, and sale conversion. In this type of marketing, target customers are engaged by sending advertisements, businesses opportunities, product promotion, and business requests to them through emails. Many businesses across the globe explore email marketing, and many testify of its effectiveness.

There are other types of digital marketing like influencer marketing (using individuals with huge followership to endorse and promote products) and Viral marketing (which I think should be under social media marketing), but the six types discussed in this piece is the most popular.

Embracing the art of digital marketing in today’s world where majority of businesses are online, and internet driven, is essential for effective business marketing. The truth is that the internet is here to stay and there is never going to be retrogression, so every business will do well to accept, learn, and explore every type of digital marketing to establish a wider visibility, reach and coverage; earning a better chance to penetrate across the globe and drive more sales. You can become a champion in digital marketing by taken this course.

Mr. Modest is a serial entrepreneur with deep understanding in the business landscape. His experience spans through Commodity Trade, Real Estate, Hospitality, Project Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Business development, Digital marketing, and Ecommerce. Mr. Modest is the founder and Chairman of zimbooz.com a subsidiary of Icorp Global Partners limited. His love for identifying and creating businesses of great value and impact stands him out as an entrepreneur per excellence. He possesses the rolodex of entrepreneurship with the know-how, capacity and drive for results.

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