How to achieve customer  satisfaction

How to achieve customer satisfaction

If you have ever asked yourself, what is customer service satisfaction? You are not alone in this bucket list and that is why we will take a moment to answer this question. And not only that, we will be providing you the insights on how to achieve it.

This is important because, customer service satisfaction is an important discussion in business, and without it, customer retainership and business growth will not be achieved and business will eventually crash.

Customer service satisfaction can be defined as the standard unit of how a business delivers its products and services and whether the expectations of customers are met. In a nutshell, customer service satisfaction is the delivery of a perfect (expected) customer experience.

The growth and success of every company hinge on its customer care satisfaction index. If customers are satisfied, they are going to return and retained, and in most cases, they will spread the word.

Good customer care satisfaction births free marketing from existing customers and guarantees consistent customer growth, and this is why it should be taken very seriously. If you have been wondering why your customers never return or why your customer base has been on the decline instead of growing, maybe you should evaluate your customer care satisfaction index, as this is the nucleus of customer retainership.

In this article, we are going to discuss the basic components of customer care satisfaction in the simplest ways, and provide categorically the necessary insights required to achieve successful customer care satisfaction across businesses.

Customer service satisfaction can be defined as the standard unit of how a business delivers its products and services and whether the expectations of customers are met.

How to achieve customer care satisfaction

To achieve customer care satisfaction, the four components of customer service satisfaction must be strictly adhered to. These four components are as follows;

  • Relevance
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Convenience

Talking about relevance, we mean offering customers what they need at a given time. The world is not stagnant, and because of that, human beings progress too, their needs change as well as how they wish to be served.

Understanding human progression and aligning your products and services to serve the evolving demands of your customers makes you relevant and helps you achieve customer service satisfaction. Once your business has lost its relevance, you will have a failed customer satisfaction, and certainly, phase-out of business. To avoid this, offer your customers what they need when they need it, and how they need it!


Any business that offers its customers reliability will achieve customer service satisfaction. This is because every individual is satisfied when they know that they are covered. The same thing is applicable in business; when customers are assured that they are covered, they will keep coming back.

In terms of reliability, quality, timeliness in service, and product delivery are key. Once a company delivers quality service or product promptly, customers will be satisfied.

More also, this exercise should not be irregular but consistent. If this can be accomplished, customers will be satisfied, their trust will increase and they will keep coming.


To be responsive, a company needs to listen to its customers. The company must have a robust communication system with her customers, the one that will harness feedback from customers to better understand how they wish to be served and where improvements should be made.

When this feedbacks are garnered, it should be acted upon and not just a formality exercise. The actual intent of this process is to better understand consumers’ needs and to effect changes where needed to better their experience.


For customer satisfaction to be fully delivered, convenience must be taken seriously. In this context, convenience means the provision of services, products, etc. without difficulty.

In a nutshell, convenience can be achieved by delivering products and services that are easy to access, use, save resources, and decrease frustration.

Make your products easy to access, easy to use, decrease frustration for consumers. By doing so, you will achieve convenience, thereby satisfying your customers.

The benefits of customer satisfaction.

The benefits of customer service satisfaction cannot be overemphasized, and the reason is that every business is built upon customers. Without a good customer base to sustain a company, it will hemorrhage to death.

Let us take a moment to list some of the customer service satisfaction benefits.

  • Guarantees customer retainership.
  • Boosts customer loyalty
  • Increases customer base.
  • Increases growth in sales and revenue
  • Boosts the company’s reputation.
  • Boosts customer’s trust
  • Enhances and promotes the company’s brand popularity.

How to improve customer satisfaction

To continually grow any business, customers need to be understood and served better. To actualize this, companies need to constantly communicate with their customers to know if they are satisfied with their products and services.

This exercise can simply be referred to as a customer satisfaction survey. A good customer satisfaction survey improves customer satisfaction hugely because it collects customers’ feedback and provides clarity on customers’ needs and how they can be served better.

Best customer satisfaction survey practices

To offer the best customer satisfaction, these basic surveys must be followed through;

  • Customer intention survey: This survey aims to understand what attracts a customer and eventually converts him to purchasing a product or subscribing to a company’s service. The idea is to fashion the best way to capture a customer and finally turning him into a loyal customer.
  • Customer/consumer behavior: The purpose of this survey is to know what motivates a customer to use a service or purchase a product. Understanding consumers’ sentiments; psychology and behavioral responses help a business to better target and interact with potential customers in the best way, and at the same time turning them into committed customers.
  • Sales lead survey: The aim is to understand sales routes. Where sales are generated more, pursuing such routes, following sales leads, and maximizing its conversion.
  • Product survey: This survey aims to understand how consumers feel about a product. This is mostly done on new products basically to understand whether customers are satisfied with product quality and if it can be improved upon.
  • Product demand survey: The purpose is to know the demand for new products; whether a new product is accepted, if production needs to be continued, improved on, or shut down.
  • Product fulfillment survey: Every product is meant to fill a need and through advertisement, a company creates an expectation in the hearts of consumers who buy these products based on the ads. From time to time, a company needs to get customers to feedback to know if their expectations about the product are matched.
  • Brand equity survey: The purpose is to understand if the branding(presentation) of a product reflects what it portrays in and out. Simply put, this survey makes sure that the outward look of a product matches its value.
  • Advertising survey: The aim is to make sure that an advertisement for a product presents the right message that is intended to pass across. Sometimes, an advert portrays a different picture of the true purpose of a product. With an advertising survey, a company can come up with the appropriate advertisements that present the right message for a given product.

There are many more customer satisfaction surveys but I think this is the most important in the context of this piece.

Conclusively, though we have listed, explained, and taught customer service satisfaction and how to achieve it, it is important to note that what sustains a consistent best delivery are the individuals behind the wheel. And if they get it wrong, all these would have been in vain. This is where culture comes in.

Every company that wishes to consistently deliver the best customer experience must have a culture that puts customers in the frontline. Its staff must understand that their jobs exist because of customers, and for that reason must treat customers as heroes and provide them hands-on help when required.

At the same time, companies must learn to respond to customers in the best way by acting on their feedback.

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