Social development

The drivers of social development

  Though social development may be characterized in many ways giving room for the argument that it does not have a definite definition, the truth remains that…

Business development

Components of business development.

WHAT IS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT? Business development  is the act of researching, identifying, developing, and scaling business opportunities within an organization. HOW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IS ACHIEVED. Business development…

Digital Marketing

Understanding and Exploring Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the kind of marketing where internet, online and digital platforms are engaged to promote products and services. The growth of internet and the constant…

Marketing plan

Understanding marketing plan and how to write it

Marketing plan is simply the way a business intends to make their product visible and engaging to their potential consumers or clients to convert sales. It is…

Real estate Nigeria

Nigeria Real estate Opportunities

Nigerian real estate could be the most profitable real estate market in Africa though many people would argue that. But then any argument regarding this topic could…

Marketing Concept

The Concept of Marketing

The concept of marketing connotes the researching, identifying and meeting of customers’ needs effectively.  Marketing plays a vital role in every business process and should be studied…

ABC's of Marriage

Marriage Advice

Marriage is a union which holds the universe, and everyone who desires this beautiful institution must learn it’s ABC’s. Without marriage, creation will be turned into abyss….


Relationship Tips

 There are absolutely myriads of important things in a relationship but we will focus on the 5 most important ones in this article.Relationship is a good thing;…

How to know your boyfriend loves you

Does my boyfriend love me?

If there is any thing every woman wants to know in their relationship,it is how to know if their   boyfriend loves them. If this is your position…

Plantain Pizza

Pizza plantain/ Egg Frittata

As important as breakfast is, most times it could come with stress and indecision. If that has been your case, never mind I was in your shoes…