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Marriage is a union which holds the universe, and everyone who desires this beautiful institution must learn it’s ABC’s. Without marriage, creation will be turned into abyss. Marriage does not only exist between humans but between every creature in the universe. Marriage exists even between plants and that’s why they can be sustained. Procreation and creation cannot be sustained without the union between positive and negative. If you pay attention closely, you’ll realize the wonders of the union of positive and negative in electricity. The count goes on and on.

But for the purpose of this article we are going to be focusing on the marriage between human beings, and we are going to pitch our tent on the ABC’s of marriage. Though in today’s world, marriage has so been watered that it seems to have lost its taste, but the truth remains that human beings will prosper more if there were more healthy marriages. Most of the problems we are having in the world today is as a result of failed marriages or union if you may. If parents could play their role as parents, there won’t be broken children who grow up to become very aggressive; causing chaos in the society today. It is safe to say that most of the young men who are in prison today are those who come from a broken marriage, failed or toxic relationships. This statistics shows us how important a healthy marriage or relationship is to the society at large. When children grow up with this vacuum created by lack of father care or mother care which the marriage umbrella mostly provides, they become alien to love and end up passing same to the world around them. When a child is not taught how to love or sees the parent suffer in the hands of someone who’s supposed to be the partner, it leaves them broken most times. Because they are not taught how to love, the boys grow up not knowing how to love and respect a woman while the girls grow up not knowing how to love the man. This circle that has been weaved by lack of healthy marriages and relationships could be handled by the knowledge of the ABC’s of marriage.

If you’re thinking about giving marriage a try, what a wonderful and sweet move, but you must learn the ABC’s of marriage to do succeed, and that’s what you’re about to be handed right here. So follow me let’s jump right into it.


Acceptance (Man): For men, the A stands for acceptance. Men tend to flow more with women who accept them more than those who are always finding fault. Most women do not succeed in their marriage because they are always trying to change their man. Always finding fault and picking out what needs to be changed. This most times turns to nagging. In fact men see this as nagging and if time is not taken they’ll be weary of the woman. The best ways to get a man to change or adjust is by accepting him first, and possibly chip in suggestion lovingly on why he needs to change the particular thing you want him to change. Though he may say no at first, on the long run he’ll definitely give your recommendation a try. Take for instance, your man likes to grow hair while you like low cut. The best way to get him cut his hair is not by telling him out-rightly about how you hate grown hair or constantly worrying him to cut it. If you do it this way, you’ll only end up making him feel controlled or run by you, and this won’t go well. This could actually destroy a relationship or puncture a marriage.

Attention (Women):  Women like attention and this is very important in a sustainable marriage. Men, learn to notice your women if you must have a healthy and joyful relationship or marriage. Learn to acknowledge the presence of your lady. Notice her new hair and tell her how beautiful it is. She does her nails, notice it and say something about it. It shows that you’re paying attention to her, and this will go a long way proving how loving and caring you are.

Help (Men):  If you’re a lady considering a healthy marriage, you must learn how to help your man. Men are mostly disorganized and you’ll notice this when you visit or live with them. If you can fill that void, you’ll be endeared to him…Be the help mate. Don’t be the wife that’ll want to share the responsibility of washing dishes, cooking or cleaning the house with her man even though you may think that this is not actually your responsibility. This simple thing makes so much impact and increases your value before your man.

Abc of Marriage

Humour (Women): Men learn how to have some humour. Don’t be that guy without any sense of humour. Learn to make your woman laugh. You may not know this, but women like men who make them laugh, so why not try some humour recipe in that relationship or marriage. You do not necessarily have to be a comedian but some silliness will go a long way sometimes. Let me say it again, men learn how to make your women laugh. Don’t be serious all the time. Don’t be stiff all the time. Learn to joke sometimes, learn to fool around sometimes just to make her smile and happy. This impression lasts for a life time.

Respect (Men): I know this word have been used in the wrong way many times and mostly interpreted, I sincerely do not mean to say that it is only men that deserve respect, and of course women do too. But ladies, don’t ever forget that men have ego and are wired to give their all to that person or people who respect them. Learn to respect your man, don’t try to throw it in his face that you can do without him because if you do, he may actually not feel needed in your life anymore, and that’ll definitely crack your marriage so bad. This is because if your attitude demonstrates disrespect to him, he’ll be drawn into the arms of another woman who adores him. So don’t disrespect your man unless you are tired with him, and want to take a walk. If you love your man listen to his opinion even though you may think he’s not a smart man. If you listen and take his opinion into consideration; you’ll be amazed how you’ll end up being in control. This is very true; when a man finds you respectful, he gives you control of everything without even knowing that. He will trust you wholly.

Romance (Women): Women are so tuned to romance, and you’ll win their world if you treat her romantically. Learn how to make her feel loved. I know that the dictionary meaning of romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love, but I personally like to define romance as doing the usual simple things differently to the one you love . It could be taking her out on a surprise trip, slipping a love letter into her jacket or bags, getting her a surprise gift, etc. In fact any show of love that is done differently without notice is romance. Be romantic to your woman and you’ll have a sweet and joyous marriage.

It is mostly the simple things that matters in marriage. And if you’d adopt this three mentioned approach, you’d make a huge difference in your marriage and relationship. And surely you’ll end up producing children who will grow up to foster a healthy relationship that will help save the world that has hitherto been hurting by troubled relationships and marriages.

Mr. Modest is a serial entrepreneur with deep understanding in the business landscape. His experience spans through Commodity Trade, Real Estate, Hospitality, Project Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Business development, Digital marketing, and Ecommerce. Mr. Modest is the founder and Chairman of a subsidiary of Icorp Global Partners limited. His love for identifying and creating businesses of great value and impact stands him out as an entrepreneur per excellence. He possesses the rolodex of entrepreneurship with the know-how, capacity and drive for results.

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