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4 types of romatic relationships

You may have wondered why it must be 4 types of romantic relationships. Why not 3,5 or 10 types of romantic relationships? The reason is that it is generally believed that an average individual would get into at least three relationships in a lifetime before settling down with a life partner  (marriage), though many might get into more or just one, the fact still remains that people come into our lives for a reason. For every relationship anyone gets into, no matter how bad, there are essential lessons to be learnt from it. This is to say that everyone we have met in our lifetime played a crucial part in our lives, some negative while some positive. But in all, what’s regarded as negatives could be a springboard for a better future.
Truth is, no matter how bad you think a relationship had been or have been, a relationship depends on the people involved. It is the duty of the persons involved to make the relationship work. If a relationship does not work, both parties should be honest enough to accept responsibility. Even if your partner was so bad, your manner and attitude could create a change in he/she.
Without further ado, we are going to x-ray the four types of romantic relationships and the purposes they serve.


Bridgers come first in the list of the 4 types of romantic relationships.As the names suggests, a “Bridger” is someone who lives near a bridge, and I suppose if you want to cross a bridge, there is no better person to ask or learn from than the man who lives near the bridge. There is this saying that “it is only a man who knows the egg of a guinea fowl that knows how to fetch it”.
This kind of relationship is meant to prepare you to navigate what is ahead. This type of relationship is usually intense and short; many would tag it their worst mistake. Whatever the case, this type is meant to prepare you for the “battle” ahead, and also help you move from your current state to a better state. It equips and strengthens you for the future.
The best way to grab your attention is for you to fall madly in love, once this first phase is complete, you will start taking few steps. But just like a typical bridge, once you take the first step and a few more forward, the bridge starts disappearing. In some situations it ends as soon as it starts, the next thing will be a period of confusion, one will begin to wonder what actually happened. Then,what you will be asking yourself at this point would be why did it end this way? Why did they go away? What did I do wrong? Well, the answer is this, they have fulfilled their mission, and it is time for you to move on, and unto the next one.
Most times when the “Bridger” leaves, your life is usually in a mess, everything would seem to fall apart, you start thinking “should I change location’? Should I change my job? Should I change hobbies? But one thing is sure at this stage, there will certainly be a change, either in attitude, reasoning or perception. The reason being that, before meeting your bridger, you weren’t in the right place to meet your new partner, you needed a change either mentally, spiritually, emotionally or physically. Now you have that change, therefore you are ready to meet the next person. Welcome to the next stage!


The passenger could accompany you for a long period of time even your whole life.A passenger is a fantastic teacher because they usually come when we need healing most. Passengers are the most common romantic relationships around. This type of relationship is usually underlaid with fear, considering the immediate past experience. Therefore there is a lot of argument; it looks like both parties are coming from different realities. This type of relationship brings pain as much as it brings pleasure because it often triggers painful memories during the incessant arguments.
This kind of relationship is far from being a relaxed one, rather it’s mixed with envy, jealousy, comparison, control and co-dependency. This kind of relationship is an essential commodity on the road to our destination because it helps us face our old wounds and emotional traumas, and therefore gives us an opportunity to permanently heal those old wounds inflicted by the Bridger. This relationship also helps us to phase out our family life pattern and finally be free to walk in our own course.
How long this relationship lasts depend on how fast you are to heal from your past wounds. Once the healing process is complete, you are ready to move on and meet someone with whom there won’t be need for same dramas again, this could be easy for some people while it could be a difficult leap for some as well. Whichever way, there is no condemnation. Every soul you come across teaches you something, either through pain or with joy.


Romantic relationship

With soulmates, you connect at a much deeper level than anyone you have met so far, they reach to your soul; at the very depth of your heart. With them things are relaxed and perfect; you feel yourself operating in the same realm with the person. There is always understanding even without much explanation, little or no arguments, even when there is any, the settlement is quick and fast.
The soulmate is a combination of a best friend and best lover put together as one. When you meet them, they bring you peace of mind and happiness. The bond is covalent and doesn’t seem to deteriorate with each passing day. On meeting them, you feel you just clicked the right button. Soulmates are also wonderful teachers, and they teach you in their own way and language with so much joy and happiness, with them, there is no need to learn through pain anymore.


Heart openers shouldn’t have necessarily made the list of the 4 types of romantic relationships because this type of relationship is not common and not everyone needs to meet their heart openers; most people end up with their soulmates. You may not need to meet a heart opener, this is because humans are teachable, and our world, and environment  teaches us most of the life’s lesson we need, therefore it is safe to say that we can teach ourselves if we pay attention to our daily experiences and the happenings around us.
A heart opener would create a big transformation in your life and also shock you, because by just looking into your eyes, they open your heart instantly in an inexplicable way. When you meet them, you feel that uncommon unconditional love. With them, it feels like your life stories are the same; plans, thoughts, emotions and everything you can think of. With them it just feels like a round peg in a round hole.
The heart opener has the key to your heart, and they unlock the innermost part of you heart; yes, that exact place where unconditional love resides, and they do that with so much ease. If you happen to meet your heart opener, just go with the flow, don’t hold back, don’t try to rationalize what your heart feels, because with them all rules hold no water. Simply put..heart openers are an exception to all rules guiding matters of the heart.

The 4 types of romantic relationships are basic, and no matter where you find yourself at the moment, don’t give up on love. Don’t judge your present with your past. Don’t let the emotional wounds of the past to define who you are or your future. Be optimistic that the best is yet to come unless you’ve found your soulmate. Otherwise if you keep an open heart and exhume that positive energy, you’ll sure attract your like. The truth remains that there’s always someone there for us who will fill every void and with positive energy we will attract them and bask in beauty that only a romantic relationship can provide.

Austine Ihechukwu is a Chemistry Education graduate, a prolific writer, Social and Political Commentator. Austine is a seeker of knowledge and a fitness Enthusiast with interest in Sports, Entertainment, Tourism, Technology, History and Business investments. Mr Austine has over a decade experience in Journalism and freelance writing

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